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 New Life Volunteer Services (NLVS) is a service club with students/ volunteers hoping to create a healthier and better community. We as volunteers strive to make a  positive impact on other people’s lives by volunteering at different sites around the Chicagoland area. NLVS was formed with the purpose of providing the local community with many public services.

One of largest partnerships is with the Chicago Youth Programs (CYP). Through CYP, Loyola students have the opportunity to mentor inner-city youth that do not have access to social services due to location, poverty, or availability. We have hosted many events for our CYP students including : Wellness Day, Astronomy Day, Christmas Cards for the Red Cross, and Day of Peace; just a few of the many events we have hosted for our students. Besides our special events, we provide Tutoring services in all subjects by Loyola Students here on our Lake Shore Campus, as well as Peer Advising to our CYP students. NLVS has also partnered with Perspective Charter Schools and has hosted I AM FOR PEACE events on our Lake Shore Campus to bring awareness to the violence faced by many families in the Chicagoland area. I AM FOR PEACE calls for all people to come together to ensure peace amongst the streets and to prevent any crimes or violence from occurring in the future. Violence has affected many families in the Chicagoland area, and by addressing key issues that need to be changed, we can come together and  ensure a happier and safer community for all.

In the future, NLVS plans to host Career days, Shadow Days and Mentorship events at the Perspective Charter schools, other schools in the local Rogers Park community, and speak out on how students can take what they learn inside the classroom and implement the knowledge they learn in to serving and helping those in the communities around them. Furthermore, NLVS plans on expanding and becoming partnered with local healthcare clinics and dedicating time to create a healthier and flourishing community. 

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